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   If you are anything like me, you love steamed crabs and know that they are much more than a meal. Crabs are a celebration, an event that creates memories with family and friends.  Time never seems to matter, hours can pass, life's complications fade away and laughter fills the room!


      February 11th, 2017, I sat down to enjoy steamed crabs and in the happy commotion of mallets, table knives and bottle openers passing from hand to hand, my mind began to move a mile-a-minute. 


    Why use a mallet and a knife? How can you crack a cold one fast?   How can a wooden mallet truly be cleaned? Why do mallets take up so much space? Why have so many "tools" to store and wash after a relaxing night? 


     Countless drawings, and prototypes, a trademark and a  patent later I am proud to introduce to you the solution to these problems, THE SHELLER!


            ~THE SHELLER:  flat, stainless steel multi-function, mallet, knife and bottle opener; MADE IN THE USA. Developed by Songwriter, Singer and Entrepreneur Shelby~ A truly universal seafood Multitool 🦀 🦞 🦪 🍺 


 FLAT -Easy storage

 STAINLESS STEEL - Dishwasher safe

MALLET - One hit's all you need

KNIFE - Scrape & pick away

BOTTLE OPENER - Crack a cold one



     My hope is that your SHELLER brings nights to remember full of joy, while you create memories for a lifetime. Follow @THESHELLER and hashtag your #THESHELLER memories. 


Much Love

Shelby Blondell 





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